sugar, we’re goin down [presses elevator button for a lower floor]


this is

more than i bargained for

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my only talent is being able to sing disney duets on my own

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Yes, and Jody understood that Alex was a child, that she had been acculturated to help kill people by her vamp family, and had grown up in a situation of abuse, when Dean and Sam believed Alex’s vamp-brother’s story, that she was responsible (which says everything about the levels of responsibility for killing they too were expected to bear as kids).  

This scene really hits me because what we see in Jody’s mannerisms with Alex is what we want, or possibly need, but are not getting in the current dynamic between Sam and Dean. Because it’s easy to label Dean as soley Mother and condemn or reject him, unless you have the wisdom to grasp he is Alex too, with years more conditioning he doesn’t know how to deal with. To label and treat Dean as Momma is to essentially abandon him as something irredeemable. To recognize his ties to Alex is to grasp he too could potentially be rehabilitated.. but only if someone in Dean’s life can be to Dean what Jody has chosen to be for Alex.

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au where clifford the big red dog breaks will graham out of prison

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god sounds like an abusive, manipulative boyfriend I don’t want him to love me

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why is underwear so expensive like wtf its a sheet of fabric that covers ur dinky doo 

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KFC employees truly do not care about anything. ask for a 10 piece and they give you 15

I’m a fellow whovian and i can confirm this


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steve, bucky and sam going out for early-morning jogs. every time steve and bucky pass sam, they yell “ON YOUR LEFT” and “ON YOUR RIGHT” respectively. sam gets increasingly frustrated. but after a while, steve and bucky realise they haven’t passed sam again, and he’s nowhere to be seen. and they start to get worried, fearing the worst, until suddenly they hear a shout “ON YOUR ABOVE, ASSHOLES” as sam swoops overhead, leaving them behind

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how did i even find this website

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why do people even talk to me literally all i reply with is omg

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why cant i cry money instead of tears

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how did i even find this website

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